5 Main Types of Tree Services

In What Cases Can a Landscaping or Tree Contractor Help Us Upgrade Our Yard?

A local tree contractor offers various types of tree services around Barstow, IL. In order to understand which one we actually need to book, when we are having issues with our garden, we must first be aware of the opportunities this service market offers. If a tree in your yard is posing problems to the community then you will need to book a tree service from the following list:

  1. Tree surgery – Suitable for damaged or diseased trees (with fungal infection or pest infestation, for instance). Its goal is to rescue the tree from permanent damage.
  2. Tree removal – If the tree is branching out to electric wires or could damage your property after a storm, you better consider booking this service before it is too late, as then you may also need to spend some money on builders and electrical contractors as well.
  3. Stump grinding – Necessary mainly when a stump is causing trouble to plumbing installations and yard pipelines or has turned into a welcoming home for various pests in your yard. This job should be managed with a heavy-duty stump grinder if you want to get a permanent result.
  4. Tree shaping, trimming and pruning – A tree service of this kind, or otherwise called branch removal is basically a more cosmetic rather than necessary procedure, but may successfully solve minor tree issues without making you cut a whole tree.
  5. Land clearing – This is a major tree removal service in a certain property, with the purpose of construction or conversion to another land use.

If you need any of these services professionally performed, without getting ripped off, you may contact Bieniek Tree Service LLC and set a viewing appointment. Our tree contractor can provide you with expert arborists, an upfront quote, matching your job size and budget! We will be expecting your call!

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